So, you bumble along in life and things just happen then one day you stop and think… It’s only then that you discover just how much you do and what you’ve agreed to do.

My life needs to slow down a bit at the moment. Everything seemed to be happening at once, thankfully it seems to be calmed down a bit now. Uni stuff went skewee for a while which put my holiday in April in doubt for a bit, it’s all sorted now back on the modules I’m meant to be on and can now go on holiday.

Second thing that happened was spending most of last week catching up with friends which involved spending too much money and drinking too much alcohol but it was totally worth it even if my body was objecting by the end of the week, need to do it more often but maybe not all in the one week.

Finally and most exciting thing is I am now the expedition team for Project X!!! 🙂 Project X is the Clyde region scout explorer belt expedition to the east coast of America in summer 2013. The expedition is taking 57 explorer and network scouts to Washington for a couple of days, they will then set off on a 10 day hike down the Appalachian trail then onto a jamboree in Florida for a week.

If anyone is wondering how I ended up involved in this, blame a train journey with the organiser and my big mouth! Semi jokingly asked if they still needed leaders and was told if I was interested he’d see what he could do, 3 days later it’s all done and I’m signed up for it. 18 months of hard training and fundraising ahead but it’s a once in a lifetime experience (or hopefully a first of many in a lifetime for me). So, expect this blog to be inundated with waffle about project x and all associated stuff.

For anyone who’s read my blog before you will have noticed that the book reviews have dropped off a bit, this is mostly because the only things I’ve been reading are lecture notes and I doubt anyone would ever want to read a review of them.