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Ups, downs and roundabouts


Lots of ups and downs over the last few weeks and to be honest there haven’t been any roundabouts but it made a better title than just ups and downs.

Last weekend was amazing, this weekend is shaping up to be quite good too but the bit in the middle was very odd, even for me.

Last weekend I went to see the Muppets and spent the whole time laughing, it is amazing. If you haven’t seen it you’d better get a move on and go.

Sunday night I went to a gig with someone who is fast becoming one of my best friends, love her to bits.  After a few missed trains and other transport issues we finally got to Oran Mor.  The gig itself was the Jezabels who are hard to describe but alternative/indie rock just about covers it.  They were supported by the John McIain Band who were brilliant as well (The saxophone sold it to me from the off).  Another missed train, entirely our own fault for going to the pub between gig finishing and train leaving, and a taxi back to town then home via another pub…

Monday morning I was a bit slow on the up and poor Hayley had been up for a couple of hours trying to work the TV then we headed off climbing.  A good session and lunch to boot :).

Monday night I had a sever case of the post weekend blues and just felt generally rubbish for some reason this carried on for most of the week and a lot of stuff has been buzzing about in my head and I’ve been generally a bit lost.  This was all changed last night with a good night in the pub with the usual bunch and a few who have been away for a while.  Funny how you don’t really miss someone until they come back then you realise you have missed them for whatever reason.

Tonight is a flat party the off to the Garage with the same bunch from last night (give or take a few), should be good 🙂

That’s enough of the rambling for just now.

Nights like last night


Nights like last night don’t come about too often but when they do they make everything else in life worthwhile.

Last night consisted of friends, food, drink and an amazing selection of music.

So what made last night so different to other night involving all the same thing? Well I’ll tell you, it’s the fact that we were (almost) all back together for the first time since we left Uni. It’s not often we can get our amazing bunch of friends all in one place at the same time. Since leaving Uni we’ve been spread out from Aberdeen to Derby and haven’t seen nearly enough of each other but it was like we’d never been apart and that’s the value of a true friendship.

Some of us barely speak to each other over the year but it’s as if we talk everyday when we’re back together, I love it, of course I would love to see them more but that’s not going to happen.

The people in this post know who they are and so do the ones who were missing, you’d better make it next time :p. You are all amazing and I don’t know what life would be like without you and I don’t want to.

P.s. that’s the mushy stuff over, normal service will resume in the next blog.

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