We Bought a Zoo

A real feel good film. When Benjamin Mee looses his wife he up roots his family and moves to a zoo much to his daughters delight and son’s dismay.

The story follows the struggle to get the zoo ready for the zoo inspection and open for the summer season.  Short of cash and burdened with spiraling costs his wife comes through for him one last time.


The return of the muppets!

The story follows Walter, a life long muppets fan, in his attempt to get the muppets back together to save their theater from being demolished to make way for oil drilling.

It’s another feel good film with all the usual muppety goodness, songs and bad jokes.  Don’t be worried about laughing along with this film, everyone else will be to!!

Pirates – In an adventure with Scientists

The latest film from Aardman studios follows Pirate Captain as he tries to win pirate of the year.  Running into Darwin in the middle of the ocean he is convinced that his parrot is the source of untold riches and heads to London to claim the prize where he sells the parrot to Queen Victoria.  When he discovers the real reason Queen Victoria want the parrot he has to embark on a rescue mission to save the ill fated bird.

This is typical Aardman, very funny for all ages, lots of adult and visual jokes.  Fast paced action will keep you on the edge of your seat and laughter will keep you falling off it.


This is the oddball of the films I’ve seen recently, only went to see it because Muppets was sold out and I’m glad I did.

When a Manhattan couple find themselves unemployed they need somewhere to live and find a rural commune where everything is free and life is good.  The strange mix of people makes for interesting connections in the film and a there are plenty twists and turns to keep you thinking.

It’s a strange look at life and how even the simple life can be complex.

A very interesting film and well worth a watch.