After possibly the most manic and surreal 3 weeks of my life I’m home from the Clyde Region Explorer Belt.

We have had such an amazing time, it feels like so much longer than 3 weeks ago we were wandering around the Smithsonian.  So much has been achieved in those 3 week, participants have walked 4900+ miles on Explorer Belt Treks, leaders drove over 3000 miles visiting them and we have encountered Racoons, Bear, Monkeys, Spiders and too many flies to mention but most of all we have encountered the amazing generosity of the American people who too so many of our groups into their homes for the night, fed them, gave them a bed and even washed their clothes.  Our thanks go out to every one of them along with the businesses, fire departments, sheriffs and churches who also supported the team.  Without your generosity the Explorer Belt would not have been what it was, truly special.

There will be so many stories which I’m sure the participants will be telling for years to come (and some I’m sure they won’t be telling!!)

To the participants – thank you for making it such an enjoyable experience, the past 24 months have been hectic to say the lease but every minute was worth it to hear the stories and see you all back in Harpers Ferry when you had completed the hike.  Well done everyone.

To the leaders, it was a pleasure working with you all, thank you for giving me the chance to be part of such an amazing experience, there was never a dull moment with you around.  To John Raffery, Kevin O’Gorman, Paul Crolla, Louise Drain, Diane Swan and Robert Hay, when are we doing it again?