20/07/13 and 21/07/13

Off home today, it’s a sad day for everyone and it’s going to be very long one too.

We were getting picked up at 10.30 but before that we had to get everyone packed and all the tents cleared and the huts and toilets swept and washed out so plenty of stuff to keep people busy.

Just enough time to get a last group photo at the Camp La-No-Che gates before getting on the bus and driving back to Orlando airport.

Orlando have it sussed for groups, they must have lots of experience with them being so close to Disney after all.  We arrived to two dedicated check in desks where all out boarding cards and luggage tags had been pre-printed for us and everyone went up in order and just swapped bags for passes and that was it, totally hassle free.  Next stop security, thankfully for one and only time today, not like arriving where we had to go through it twice.  Quite quick.

There is quite a lot to do in Orlando airport,  but we didn’t see much of it as our flight was on time and we didn’t have much time to kill, just a quick snack at a Mexican place the off to the flight.

Getting to Philadelphia was hassle free; I read a chunk of my book forcing myself to stay away for the long flight later.

Just a couple of hours to kill in Philadelphia and there are plenty of places to eat in Philadelphia and we ended up in an Irish bar, we had to eventually, is it not some unwritten rule of being a Scot abroad you have to visit and Irish bar.

After amassing everyone at the gate the flight was delayed by an hour because of a routine maintenance delay, surely routine maintenance should take a known length of time?  Anyway the plane eventually makes it over from the hanger but after I’ve finished my book and left with nothing to read, not a problem as I was planning on sleeping anyway.

While we were sitting waiting to board we were treated to a nice lightning storm in the distance with some amazing fork lightning as well as sheet lightning.  We were called to board and all shuffled onto the plane just over 90minutes later than planned only to be told that we wouldn’t be going anywhere soon as the storm had moved right over the airport and it wasn’t safe for the ground crew to work so the baggage was left sitting out in the rain and there was no fuel in the plane. Let the waiting games commence.

After about 20 minutes, it seemed a lot longer, the storm passed and everything was finally sorted and we left.

Could I get to sleep?  Not a chance, I spent the next 7 hours being far too awake for my liking.  We were supposed to arrive in Glasgow at 0655, we arrived at 1020 slightly more knackered than planned.

It was very nice being met at the airport by Shona, made me happier to be home from an amazing trip.  It was also nice to see that Stuart Imrie, the regional commissioner, who waved us off 23 days ago, was there to meet us at the end of the adventure.