The final day of activities today, more shooting, alpine and cope for some and tubbing for the Poseidon team.

There were a lot of very tired people today and there were a few who didn’t make activities who decided sleeping and packing was a better idea, I agreed with them and did the same.   It’s amazing how when packing you realise how much you brought with you and didn’t use.  I still haven’t got the hang of it and probably never will.  Anyway, it all somehow went back in the bag, even the personal information folders.

Somehow managed to fill the rest of the day with cleaning and faffing about not doing much.

Tonight was the main camp closing ceremony held in the dining hall as we were in the middle of a thunder storm.  It was almost as good as the opening ceremony, this time they had a leaders quiz and we got Kevin up to answer a question on rap music, he didn’t get it but Max did and I think we won in the end.

After the official closing ceremony there was closing for the Jamboree were BJ showed a few pictures of the camp and said a few words and had a candle lighting ceremony to close the camp.  Think this was supposed to be like the final Campfire at Blair Atholl Jamborette but on a smaller scale.

After all the official stuff was out the way the Clyde Jamboree unit retired to one of the campsite huts to have our own thanks to BJ and the rest of the staff who were presented with trip polo shirt, neckie and a signed scout shirt from everyone in the unit.

We then had a couple of smuggled beers before heading to bed for out last night in America, this time tomorrow we’ll be somewhere over the Atlantic on our way home.