Up and going in time for flag break today for everyone, first time since we got here we’ve all been on site to do it.

For people on Poseidon they were off canoeing to see alligators, snakes and monkeys.  The monkeys are not native of Florida; they were imported for the original Tarzan movie and never rounded up when filming was finished.

Everyone else was at the same activities they were at on Tuesday when we were last on site. Alpine, shooting and cope being the choices.

I went back to shooting today and used the gun rest and was a lot happier with my shooting today, got 20 of my 25 shots in a very nice group, not in the target but with a bit of sight adjustment it would have been good shooting.

In the afternoon I didn’t bother with Alpine and took a nap instead, the first one of the trip, I think that was quite good going considering how busy we have been.

Dinner tonight was chicken fricassee, was actually not bad at all.  Looked and tasted exactly like I remember from school dinners!

Tonight’s activity was a Native America Pow Wow which consisted of dancing demonstrations.  After that was over we took over to run an international ceilidh led by our P.E. teacher Scott and done to a collection of traditional and modern music.  We started off with a Scottish only dance then had a grab a foreigner for the rest of the dances finishing with an Orcadian strip the willow just to confuse everyone. Was absolutely amazing but far too hot for it and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves!!

Older ones were off site tonight at a local attraction 😉 while the rest were in bed, someone unfortunately had to stay back and look after them oh well, bed was nice.