Unlike the first day going to Universal we didn’t get away with not going to flag this time so we had to wait for breakfast and leave a little later than hoped.  Bus drive wasn’t as talkative this time and the scouts weren’t as loud either, think the early start must have been starting to get to them.

Again we arrived and punted them off into the park in groups and told them to meet back at the bus at 9.

Today we splashed out and got fast passes for the leaders, out of our own money before anyone brings it up, so we could get more done in the day and they really work!!!

Straight up Harry Potter for the actual Harry Potter ride and the wait was still about 20 to 30 minutes with the fast pass and well worth it.

While we were there we took another shot on the red dragon and on the way out of Island of Adventure to go over to Universal we stopped off for another go on the Hulk.

First stop in Universal was Transformers, very similar to Spiderman but with different characters but still very good.

Quick stop for pizza, just a large one between us this time rather than each!

After that slid down a bit we went on the Mummy ride, it was amazing, probably the best ride in the park.  It was in complete darkness and you had no idea what was coming next. So good.

Twister was a bit of a let-down.   It was a story about the film then you went into a room and the floor shook a bit as stuff rattled and fell over in a bit of wind.  Not very good really.

Men In Black was an interactive ride where you have to shoot aliens on the way round and get spun every so often, it was fun.

Disaster is set on a film set where members of the audience take on parts in a new film, you are then led into a subway car which is hit by an earthquake and your reactions filmed and after that they show you the film made of all the bits put together.  Very cheesy but good fun.

Rockit starts off with a vertical climb before dripping into a long roller coaster, it was amazing fun!

Hard Rock Café for dinner tonight then a final trip round the shops for presents before heading back to the bus, camp then bed.