I didn’t manage to sleep through all the people moving about at 4.30 as someone in the room next door didn’t switch their alarm off and it woke everyone up.  They soon switched it off after Kevin offered to put it somewhere…

Turned out for flag at 7.25 where there were announcement by the all too cheery staff.  This any stereo typical image of a camp in America from any film you’ve ever seen and you’re pretty much there.  Flags went up, strange things to note about American flag break.  Firstly you don’t break the flat, you raise it.  Secondly you salute it the whole time it is going up not just for a few seconds once it’s broken as you do here.  Thirdly, the US flag has to go up first as it’s the most important flag then all the rest go up at the same time.  After the flags were up, a volunteer said prayers for everyone and the camp then we were dismissed for breakfast.

Shooting was at 10am so I wandered along expecting some really strict range master shouting at people but what I got was a bunch of kids who were probably younger than me running it, except the range master who was a bit older but not much.  We’d missed the first session as we were at Universal Studios yesterday so weren’t entirely sure what was going on but they gave a quick recap and then it was in to shoot 5 shots at 5 targets and that was that.  It was seating position shooting and I never realised what the support block was for in front of me so I just shot holding the gun and got all the shots on the paper at least and was still better than some of the scouts who were using the support.

Lunch today was sandwich, crisps, cookies and, again, unlimited coke etc.

My afternoon activity is Alpine Adventure.  I had no idea what this was but it turns out it’s a giant egg timer tower with 35 different ways to get to the top.  Since we were at Universal the first day hadn’t run as there weren’t enough people so the instructor was trying to fit two days course into one day. Most of the stuff was team building trust games, which were good but it is definitely on a different model to what we do in here.

The purpose of their summer camps is to get merit badges, you go to camp for a week and do the same classes every day, e.g. shooting, alpine, and learn everything about it and progress through the week to either gain or nearly gain the merit badge by the end of the week.  There is very little instant gratification here which surprised me a lot.

By the time I got back to camp the after Alpine our intrepid sea captains were back,  mostly with green faces and not much left in their stomach.  Apparently they did a very good job of chumming the water and did manage to bring back a couple of small sharks for the Native American village to cook.

Dinner tonight was a stew of some sort, didn’t want to ask really after the horsemeat scandal I figured it was probably best not knowing.

After dinner there was a Scottish v’s Staff Football match which we won convincingly 9-0, quick swim to cool down after that then bed.  Back to Universal tomorrow.