Early starts today as we were off to Universal Studios.  All on the bus by 8am and on our way.   Anyone who knows scouts knows how much we love a sing song and this bus journey was no different except for the age group.  Thankfully we had an amazing driver called Alice who was an ex-cop and didn’t seem to mind one bit what we were singing and assured us she had probably heard worse before, our guys just took this as a challenge and got worse.  At the end of the journey she thanked us for the entertainment and told us we weren’t the usual snotty bunch of boy scouts she usually picks up, I took that as a complement.

We arrived in the park just after opening and sent everyone off in groups to explorer and gave them a time to be back at the bus for. I decided today was the day to get over my fear of roller coasters, seen as I don’t know why I’ve got one seen as I’ve never been on one and I doubt Raff would really give me a choice of staying on the ground all day.

We heading into Island of Adventure and the first stop for the leaders was Spiderman, which is a 3D simulator ride where you get thrown about while Spiderman takes on the usual baddies from the films.  Survived this one fine and it’s all good.  Next stop was Hulk, a real rollercoaster and slightly more terrifying to look at but none the less we joined the queue, which was quite a bit longer than Spiderman but still not too long.  This would be the test as to whether I liked rollercoasters or not.  IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!  Spent most of the time laughing on the way round, not really that scary at all, it was fast, upside down, right way up, will try and find a video of it to add later.  I have no idea what has stopped me going on rides before.  After this the slightly more sedate Jurassic Park River Adventure, only got a little wet on the way round then headed off to lunch.

We met up in a restaurant where Kevin and Paul had bought nachos as a starter, this starter did all 7 or us no problem at all!! It was huge!  Lunch itself was a pulled pork sandwich, very tasty, getting a bit of a taste for pulled pork, might have trouble finding them once I get home though.

After lunch we headed back into the park to find some more ride, seen as it was just after lunch we went for something inside so it couldn’t throw you about too much so we stopped at Poseidon, it’s a walk through in a big group and Poseidon and someone have a battle to control the earth and there’s fire and water.  It wasn’t that good and I probably wouldn’t do it again.

More exciting stuff next and up to Harry Potter world where we avoided the Harry Potter ride, as it has a 90 minute wait on it and we are coming back on Wednesday so we will do it then, and went on the Dragon Challenge (what used to be Duelling Dragons).  We started with the red one as it is supposedly the better one, again it was amazing!  Off for a short break, and then back up to do the blue dragon.  Just as we were about to join the queue the rides were closed because of thunder storm in the area and they don’t want anyone struck by lightning on the way round.  We decided that it probably wouldn’t take too long to pass so we went up and joined the queue anyway and ended up near the front and after about 40 minutes the ride was up and running again, if a bit wet.  It was almost as good as the red dragon but not quite.

As we were now pretty wet from the rain anyway more water rides were in order so off to Rip Saw falls, then Bilge Rats Barges.  Rip Saw falls is a log flume ride which ends with a massive slide back to the bottom.  Bilge Rats is a rapids ride where you go round in a big circular raft and get totally soaked on the way.

Had to stop off on the way back to the bus to buy a new t-shirt because I was soaked to the skin and didn’t much fancy sitting on the bus for an hour.

Back at camp late and dinner was held for us, everyone else had been fed and were sat watching Captain America in the dining hall so we had to eat our spagbol, garlic bread and peach cobbler type thing in the dark pretty much.

Everyone went to bed early as the majority of people were doing the Poseidon activity package and were going to deep sea fishing and were getting picked up at 5am, thankfully I’m was doing alpine adventure and shooting which didn’t start until 10am, though I did sill have flag at 7.30am.