After the excitement of last night there were a few very unhappy faces when the leaders arrived in the hall at 4am to get everyone ready to leave for the airport and flight down to Orlando for the jamboree.  The bus arrived at 5am and by 5.30 we were all asleep again.  We had a slight issue with the bus, we were a seat short and only one of the luggage doors worked so it was a tight squeeze and I ended up going backwards on a seat with no armrests and sleeping, not really a good combination, I almost ended up in the stairwell a couple of times!

Go to the airport in plenty of time for the fight at 1000, just a short 2 hours 15 minutes hop down the coast.  Can’t believe we were originally thinking of getting a coach all the way.  It’s 892 miles from the KOA campsite at Harpers Ferry to the BSA camp La-No-Che in Florida, bear in mind that it’s only 838 miles from Lands End to John o’ Groats!!!

I remember sitting down on this flight and that’s about it, there was a bit of turbulence in the middle somewhere and the next thing I remember is landing, I woke up when the wheels hit the ground. I don’t remember anything else, not the safety briefing, drinks being offered, snacks, nothing,  I was asleep.

Picked up at the airport, nothing missing this time so it’s off to a mall for a quick lunch break and some pillow buying for leaders.  Got a nice deal on some Ralph Lauren pillows, should have been $60 but got them for $12 each due to a managers morning special even though it was 2pm by now, the morning special star conveniently disappeared and the sales assistant had to give us them at the advertised price.

Once at camp La-No-Che we went and settled into our accommodation.  The camp site is split into 24 smaller sites which each have tents with 2 army style cots in them and a big wooden hall with tables and fans as well as two 4 person room at the back for leaders.  Better than we were expecting, we thought we were all in the tents.

Shortly after arriving we get our first thunderstorm of the trip with some pretty amazing rain! It lasted for 90minutes, an hour of which we had to spend inside as the Thor guard siren had gone off which meant the lightning was close and there was a risk of strikes on the site.

The slightly delayed dinner was a chicken leg, some sliced chicken, potato salad, coleslaw and drinks, for the leaders it’s back to earth with a bump compared to the last 2 weeks eating!!

Not much information for tomorrow, there’s nothing planned until a tour and swim test after lunch.