All the teams back so peace is well and truly shattered, or so you’d think but in reality everyone disappeared to bed quite early and they weren’t seen or heard early that’s for sure.

Time for the first part of the surprise, the options were tubbing down the Shenandoah River or a high ropes course.  I chose high ropes, the first two were quite simple but the black course was really difficult and VERY high up!!  Managed to get round it though but it was quite scary in places.

Lunch was burgers and hot dogs provided River Riders, the company we used for the tubbing and high ropes.

Then it was back to the KOA to pack everything up and move to big hall for the night, the manager allowed us to do this so we didn’t have to pack up our kit and disturb people in the morning as we are leaving very early.

The second surprise of the evening is a big congratulations meal at the Vista Tavern for everyone with some music provided by Raff as usual.

The final surprise of the day was an awards event with the lovely Joan Rafferty in which every team was awarded for something they had done over the last ten days on the Explorer Belt.

 Back to camp for a couple of hours sleep, we are up and away for 5.30am!!