An early start for the two driver/navigator combos going to pick up the farthest away teams while the rest of the leaders sorted out stuff for tomorrows surprises and lunch for today.

Lunch was set up in the main hall as a buffet for all the groups when they arrive back.  The teams started to arrive about noon and were checked in and welcomed back with a survey form and passport check then sent for lunch.

After lunch tents were put up and bags collected from storage.

Once the busses had returned it was my turn to go and pick up the last team who were finishing away from Harpers Ferry and time for a quick look round a mall before bringing them back.  We also met one of the highest awarded BSA members who had all his proficiency badges and the Eagle Scout Award.

After all the teams were back we gathered them all together to have a De-Brief session and a discussion on how they think their explorer belt went and what the next stage is for them all.

Dinner was laid on by the KOA who outsourced it to the local pizza delivery company and came up trumps with about ½ a pizza each, good call for a bunch of hungry hikers.

After dinner the option of a swim or a last trip to Wal-Mart before bed.  A long day ahead tomorrow, full of surprises.