Another, and final, late start for the leadership team. 

Quick breakfast and a washing put on.

About lunch time the first team arrives back at the KOA.  Another two teams turned up shortly after that.  They have another days project work to do yet but have covered the distance.

I took one of the minibuses and drove to Harpers Ferry village; it looked very nice so I followed the signs for parking which took me all the way round to a car park 200 yards from the campsite gate. 

Harpers Ferry looks very much like a heritage village and from what other teams have said that exactly what it is, at least the river side part, with some houses on the outskirts.

After getting almost back to the camp I decided not to bother going back down and went back to camp.

For the $5 a head the leaders organised a BBQ Dinner for the teams who had returned, so yet more steak, ribs and burgers were consumed along with potato salad, coleslaw, macaroni salad etc.

Paul was due to return tonight but there was a small issue with his flight being cancelled between Philadelphia and Washington where Kevin was picking him up.  Prof O’Gorman travel agent extraordinaire got on the case and worked out that Paul could get the train from Philadelphia airport to Carlisle and stay in a hotel there and be picked up in the morning with one of the teams.

Early bed for some, it’s going to be a long day of pickups tomorrow.