Late start for the leaders today and guess what, it’s raining, properly raining.  Slow start but we finally decided we might as well stick with the days plans and head to Skyline drive to see the views in daylight rather than the dark and fog Kevin and I experienced last time.

Packed lunches were made and the bus packed up we headed off into the horrible weather.  Weather doesn’t improve on the way down so we turn onto Skyline Drive at the first entrance where we were originally planning on leaving to see what the views are like, answer is rubbish!! This is the best photo.

Stopped off at the park information point which has a small shop, the weather forecast was the same all day.   After a few photos in the rain we headed a bit further up and ate our lunch before driving back.

To make up for the poor day we headed to Charles Town for a Chinese for dinner, it was very good.  Unfortunately Raff and Kevin had to go and visit a team who were having slight issues but nothing which wasn’t easily fixed once there.

After Chinese we sat up and played cards as it was our last night before all the participants came back and we didn’t have peace and quiet.