Today was a slightly quieter day.  We had 2 leaders away gallivanting or PhD viva-ing , 3 leaders at 6 flags which left me and Kevin to tour round the teams.

Just a short 3 teams, no reference to their height obviously, of course that means 3 lots of lunch today.  First one was found walking down the road so we took them for a rather dodgy McDonalds. I’m slowly remembering why I don’t eat them at home and I’m sure I’ve had four of five since I got here now.

The second team of the day were checking into their luxury 4* ski resort, the same one another team another night but this team managed to secure a room and breakfast for $15, the other team only got to camp in the grounds and use the facilities.  Luck would have it that there was a convention of oligarchs (their words not mine, I had to google it) who invited them to dinner so all in all a win of a day for them.  This stop included a nice lunch in the hotel café bar.

Final team of the day got themselves a rather nice back packers hostel to stay in and the third lunch of the day was in a small town café.

By this point we’d both had far too much lunch and decided to skip dinner.  I was feeling rather fat myself.

When we got back to camp I put a washing on, being the domesticated person that I am.  Definitely over packed for this trip, I’ve worn 2 red polo-shirts and 2 pairs of shorts most of the time I’ve been here. I would have worn 3 red polo-shirts but one has gone missing, I’m convinced Louise has stolen it but she’s adamant she’s not and it’s in my bag. Will find out when it comes to packing.

Maybe skipping dinner was a mistake and feeling slightly hungry we tucked into the left over cheesecake from the night before.