Another day of visiting teams and it was my turn to drive.  It’s not as bad as you expect, remembering to stay on the right side of the road is easy when you are sharing it, gets a little more complicated when there is nothing else on the road but I managed just fine.  The van is quite wide though and telling where it is on the road is quite difficult, it’s also very bouncy and has no acceleration, give me a transit minibus any day!!

Lots of visiting done today, 6 teams in total, almost half of them in one day, it’s a new record.

First stop was Gettysburg where we were expecting to find three teams but somehow four teams turned up for drinks at a local café so we invaded the majority of the outside area in the town centre.

Poor waitress didn’t know what to make of us all and neither did the rest of the locals!  As Paul had left for his PhD viva we decided he might need a bit of luck so we got everyone together and with the help of the local hotel and Abraham Lincoln made him a “Good Luck Paul” group photo.

Just before leaving the Ghost Busters arrived, didn’t see any ghosts personally but I’m guessing there are a few around civil war battle fields and one must have been getting a bit lively.

Next stop Fayetteville to meet a team just off the trail, literally, just off the tail and onto the road where we picked them up and went for lunch in a small village.  Not sure how we got in, the group stank, apparently 2 days in 30C heat and walking make you sweat and smell.

Now when you look at the menu and the options are 14” or 16” pizza and the waitress warns you how big they are when you start ordering the large ones you should probably listen to her.  We ended up with a pizza and a half left at the end which will fed the next group later in the day.

 One pizza with an iPad for comparison.

The next team had checked in at Bears Den Hostel, a very nice place with laundry and beds.  We donated the left over pizza to them and bought ice-cream for them.

Dive back to Harpers Ferry feeling incredibly full and we all skipped dinner and settled for dessert about 9!!