Today was an early rise to do a long round trip to visit teams in Washington and Baltimore as well as dropping Paul off at Dulles Airport and Louise in Baltimore to go visit friends.

First stop, Dulles Airport, should have been simple enough with TomTom but for some unknown reason it tried to send up to another airport 140 miles away. Thankfully we know that Dulles is only 40 miles from Harpers Ferry, a bit of map reading and re-setting of TomTom for somewhere near Dulles and follow the signs to the airport.  Very simple and drove almost right to the door, bit of a strange experience for us!

Next off to meet the team in a Washington suburb park and take over some poor guys café for a while. Having spent a few days being stuck in the city is was time to get them out of there and into more friendly countryside. Easy enough as their route has them in countryside, just a quick nip up the road to the campsite.

Further up the road and over a bit we met the team who started in Baltimore at a McDonalds. It seems to be fast becoming a favourite meeting place, food, drink and free WiFi, all you need really.  At this point we said goodbye to Louise and the group and headed home.

Kevin has an interesting taste in music, it matched his eclectic personality perfectly, everything from gospel, hymns, pop, classical, but by far the most interesting were Fascinating Aida and he songs by Tom Lehrer.  Look them up if you satirical comedy songs, they are excellent.

Dinner tonight was courtesy of Robbie “BBQ King” Hay with ribs more steak and more sausages with the associated salad stuff as usual, excellent food again and totally stuffed yet again.

Tonight’s antic was a short trip to the casino.  This turned out to be very short as we were there quite late and the minimum bet on a table was $15 and as I was only willing to lose $20 it didn’t last long.  One hand of blackjack was enough to clean me out and I retired gracefully much to the amusement of the other guys at the table who were betting $50 plus in each hand.

To console out losses we stopped off at Wal-Mart for cake and came back to the campsite with apple pie and ice-cream.  A good way to end the day I’d say.