Another day started as all the rest have, by waking up without an alarm at some silly time when I should still be asleep, especially as the leaders were having a relaxing day today before visiting teams for the evening 4th of July celebrations.   Breakfast was bacon rolls.

We then thought it was about time we made use of the facilities provided that the KOA site so off we went for a short swim in the outdoor pool.  It was a very short swim as the pool wasn’t that warm and full of kids playing but none the less a few lengths made us feel better about eating lunch.  Not that no exercise would have stopped of course.

The afternoon was taken up with crazy golf and the looser had to buy the ice cream, thankfully it wasn’t me.  Was very warm and we took a break after 9 holes to move the washing into the drier, maybe a bit redundant given the heat but it was probably quicker.

One of our teams managed to secure a place in the flag party for the opening of Hagerstown 4th July celebrations through the local BSA group there so we drove up to see them.  They all looked very smart in full uniform and white gloves. Unfortunately we had to leave half way through the opening, it was very long, but we were there for the national anthem, pledge of allegiance and something else I can’t remember.

Next part of the plan was to drive to Williamsport to see Kenny played bagpipes on stage but we were a bit late for that.  We did however meet the guy who had been looking after them and who would be looking after the next group too.  He was a member of the local volunteer fire department who had a display at the celebration.   They take in young fire-fighters between the ages of 9 and 18 and allow them to go to real emergencies once they are 16. I think those ages are right but I wouldn’t rely on them.

On the way home we decided dinner was a good idea, Raff wanted pizza, the girls wanted Chinese so we pulled up to what we thought was Chinese, went in and got a table and sat down to look at the menu.  It wasn’t Chinese… it was Japanese so we stood up and made a hasty exit only to be caught by the waiter who asked what was wrong, to which we replied “it’s not Chinese, sorry” as we ran out the door.  Luckily across the road there was Mexican where I had the biggest burrito I have ever seen and somehow managed to eat it all.

Back to Harpers Ferry for a few celebratory Independence Day drinks before heading to bed.