Up early and a drive up to see the Amish and meet the explorer team at Intercourse, it wasn’t just for the name, honest, we’re not that childish *looks innocent*.  Though seen as we were there we needed a picture with the town sign.  On the way up we stopped off at a traditional outlet mall for Raff to find some shoes for his boats.

Lunch was courtesy of a traditional 50’s diner, except for the free Wi-Fi, catering to the usual stereotype American food of burgers and fries.  The food was excellent and we, again, were all totally stuffed after.

Now for the real reason of the visit, too see a team.  This team landed on their feet and were staying with a Pastor and his family in a very lovely house in the next town along from Intercourse.   More like home hospitality than an Explorer Belt but what are we to say.

A short drive back down the road into Intercourse and the innuendos all started long before we got anywhere near it.  A walk through what is traditionally and Amish town we can’t quite understand where the name comes from but the town was known as the Cross Keys until its name changed in 1814. The main street was mostly touristy shops selling traditional Amish furniture, fabric etc.  The less traditional shop selling the Intercourse merchandise did a roaring trade as each leader bought at least something from them; funnily enough it wasn’t run by the Amish, or even an American!

Being now about an hour since we last ate it must be that time again so an Ice cream shop was quickly sought out and two scoops ordered and quickly reduced to one after seeing the size of the first scoop.

Now to walk off the ice cream (and lunch, breakfast, last night’s dinner and anything else we happen to have snacked on) we headed to the outskirts of town to get a photo with the sign where we met some other people with exactly the same idea, glad we aren’t the only ones!

Dive home then the left over BBQ we didn’t manage to eat, or even cook, last night so it was chicken and salad tonight.

After dinner we took a short trip to see our lost team who turned the wrong way and check on how they were getting along.  They had had an amazing day meeting the local sheriff and learning about his role in the community.  They had also secured accommodation in a church hall and had free run of the place to come and go as they pleased.  Such a turnaround from the day before.

Another tiring day over, home to bed again.  Getting used to this up, drive, eat, drive, eat, eat, bed routines we’re getting into.