Another early start to drop off two teams in Washington and Baltimore.  Turns out that Washington team actually wanted dropped off at Arlington Cemetery which, for anyone who doesn’t know Washington, is right in the centre near the Washington Monument, not the best drive for a Tuesday morning.  The drop off went smoothly but did cost $7 to get out of the car park as for some reason we were considered a commercial vehicle.

Onwards to Baltimore, and Broening Park, nice looking from Google Maps, not so nice looking on the ground.  We found out that it was a very dodgy area of Baltimore but the group were taken in by the local volunteer fire department, fed, watered and driven (in a fire truck) to another station which had accommodation they could use for the night.

On the way home stopped off for a Subway, very exciting, it was just like being at home.

Arriving back in Harpers Ferry to fine one team back already, by all accounts they had left the campsite, managed the first turn OK, the got the second one wrong and walked 4 miles before being spotted by the other bus returning from another drop off which brought them back.  A few hours spend looking at maps and re-planning their routes (and a quick lesson on which is left and which is right) they were then dropped off part way through their first day and told to make the miles up at the end.

The next bit of excitement for the leaders was a Wal-Mart shop without a time limit!  The things you can buy in Wal-Mart is simply astounding, if you think Sainsbury, Tesco and ASDA have started selling lots of things they have a lot of catching up to do yet!

Dinner was a bit of a protein over does after the trip to Wal-Mart.  Steak, sausages and kebabs all on the BBQ for dinner with the normal salads, potato salad and home-made coleslaw.  Sort of stuffed ourselves on it which resulted in a night of vegetating looking at routes for teams before bed.