Another dodgy night’s sleep, no idea why this time and it was up early(ish) for breakfast to get everyone ready for being picked up for the transfer to Harper Ferry and the KOA campsite before the start of the proper explorer belt expedition.

The buses returned and picked us up at 11am to take us to Wal-Mart for the groups to get final provisions for the trip while the leaders ran around trying to find the correct gas cans for everyone.  Three Wal-Marts later and we sourced enough gas for 2 for each team, coincidentally this was also the total number of gas can the three Wal-Marts had!

The KOA Campsite in Harpers Ferry is very much a Centreparks type place with family activities run all the time. Lunch was in a big barn and was sandwiches, crisps, drink and fruit, it went down very well, even the fruit!

This was to be home to most teams for the night so they were sent off to put up tents and sort out the last of their kit.  For three teams though it was time to leave to be dropped off at their start locations for the next day.   Two teams headed north with Robbie and Paul, almost a 300 mile round trip which Kevin and I too a team south to Luray and stopped for dinner at a pretty awesome new diner called High on the Hog who did an amazing buffet style meal for us with ribs, pulled pork, chicken and fries.

We then took the team up to their drop off point and drove off, ten minutes later finding their minor challenges still in the passenger door pocket, doh!  Drove back up to see if we could find them on the trail hoping they hadn’t got far but after about half an hour of looking I gave up and went back to the car.  The forest is a strange place in the dark, especially knowing there are bears and you don’t have a torch or a map.

As we were already at the beginning of the Skyline Road we took the scenic route back, think small north of Scotland roads.  Well it would have been scenic if it wasn’t getting dark and the cloud wasn’t low enough to totally obscure the road and leaving us to drive by the sat-nav and guess work.  Not the most relaxing drive.

By the time we got back it was quite late and after a quick tour of the camping to see who was still up it was bed time, another long drive in the morning.