After a somewhat broken night’s sleep, not for any other reason than it was an unusual bed, breakfast was a continental sort of cereal and muffin type affair before getting all the participants ready to go get a group photo at the Washington Monument.   Unfortunately the monument is under renovation and is covered in a cleverly designed scaffold so it still looks like the Washington Monument just slightly wider than usual.

On the way Blair found a vent blowing hot air and decided a Marilyn Monroe impression was required much to the delight of the bus driver behind (Blair assures me he was wearing something under his kilt!)


From here the teams were given lunch money and sent off to do what they pleased with the younger teams having to check in with leaders are locations throughout the day.  First suggested stop, which most groups followed, was the Smithsonian Air and Space museum.  This houses lots of very interesting historical planes, rockets and spacecraft.  Among the exhibits are nuclear missiles, a V2 rocket, full scale replica of a lunar lander, a replica Wright Flyer and complete 747 nose section.


After the first check-in where everyone (eventually) turned up we moved on to the Native American Indian Museum just up the road from the Air and Space Museum where we stopped off for traditional Indian food for lunch, lots of meat in rolls on offer here.   By the time lunch was over it was nearly time for the next check-in which again passed off without losing anyone.  We’re getting good at this now.

Some of the leaders took this opportunity to head back to the youth hostel and sort out dinner on the way while others took a walk to Capitol Building before heading back to meet everyone at 5 for the final check-in.

Dinner was successfully organised for the Capitol City Brewing Company, a sort of TGI type place, with a set choice of menu and unlimited (non-alcoholic) drinks.

After dinner it was getting late and lots of people headed back to the Hostel for bed as we had another long day ahead of us.