This post was supposed to start with “if you’ve just got your exam results and they weren’t what you were expecting, don’t panic” but it’s taken me so long to get round to writing it that that would be a pointless opening.  Instead you get that rambling.

Life is just one damned thing after another – Elbert Hubbard

And he was totally right, it doesn’t stop because you’re exam results aren’t right.

I’ve never known what I want to do with my life and to be honest I still don’t.  When I was in primary one I apparently didn’t like learning to count, or so my teacher told me in primary 7.  Through school I was never in the top class for anything when they were split that way.  Was never the best at anything, I’m still not.  Somehow I’ve gone from not liking counting to having a Masters Degree in Physics and (soon) a Masters in Power Plant Engineering and have a job working for Doosan Power Systems, a big power engineering company.  Definitely not where I expected to be just before my 26th birthday.

My choices have always been a bit off plan so it were.  I always thought I wanted to do something but the would suddenly change my mind.  In school I wanted to be a forensic scientist so I tool biology in 6th year but couldn’t stand the teacher so dropped it again.   Doing applications for uni I looked at the place which do forensic science and only applied for physics on a whim at the end of the application.  Exam marks came back and I decided that physics was what I wanted to do after that.

End of 4th year of physics and I still had a year to go and no idea what I wanted to do and started to wonder if I made the right decision doing physics, should I have been an engineer?

Queue job applications, applying for engineering jobs because I’ve got transferable skills and that’s what people really look for… no dice, probably mostly cause I didn’t know what I wanted to do.  After a year of working at an outdoor centre I decided to go back to uni and do something to make myself more desirable and 2 days ago I started working for an engineering company in NDT which is primarily physics based, so after all that I’m pretty much back where I started.

So that’s my tale of how I ended up where I am today so don’t worry if you don’t know what you want, something will always come up.  Life is what you make of it.  Enjoy it.