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Good Thief’s Guide to Venice


Anyone spotting a trend here?  Yep, I’ve read the next (and currently final) Good Thief’s Guide.

This book sees our hero Charlie living it up in Venice while working on his latest novel when a mysterious beautiful cat burglar breaks into his apartment, steals his copy of the Maltese Falcon and tells him he can have it back when he breaks into the house of Count Borelli and RETURN a briefcase to his safe without peeking.  Charlie’s curiosity gets the better of him once he is in the safe though…

The book takes some very interesting twists and turns with Charlie and Victoria yet again ending up in a casino where they bump into Victoria’s father, Alfred, who helps put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Charlie’s criminal tendencies move on from just mere burglary to the lofty heights of kidnapping, though he did think it in the best interests of the kidnapped at the time.

There are also hints the Charlie and Vic’s feelings are developing beyond friendship, but only hints.

The more sharp of you will have notice that I seem to have missed out Good Thief’s Guide to Paris, I have read it but will have to read it again before I can post any comments on it.  I will get there eventually.  Promise.



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